Ni Sisi Media is based in Indianapolis, Indiana and we are all about story. Story is the lifeblood of community. If a community cannot communicate information then how can it exist? You cannot have story without community. And you cannot have community without story! "Ni Sisi" is Swahili for "It's Us." And I know because Swahili is one of the 3 languages that I know. I'm not special though. We are all multilingual. We all know our primary language and we all know story. The lifeblood of Ni Sisi is story. The world is a big macro community and the internet is it's language. Using the power of digital media production you can get your story out in to the world. Whether you need event coverage, an experienced director of photography, or post production on footage you already have Ni Sisi Media is equipped to help you tell your story.

Valued Partnerships

Since "Ni Sisi" is plural it is only natural that we include our partners. Here are just a few of the folks we have had the honor of working with.

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