Hi. My name is Kungu Mbathi. I'm the goofy one on the right in the photo. And that's my family. I am the founder here at Ni Sisi Media. As explained before Ni Sisi means community. Being born and raised in Kenya, East Africa I am big on community. I am somewhat of an introvert (actually my wife would say I am very Introverted) but I thrive on the connections between people.

You can call me Alan. I prefer Kungu. But I get that that may be a little tough for some folks. "K" is fine as well.

I am a story teller at heart. Born and raised in Kenya I met my wife Stephanie and moved to the United States at the age of 27. For the past  decade I have worked in video but to be honest I came here kicking and screaming. I wanted to be a scientist. I trained as a pilot. I currently hold a Private Pilots License. I also played music in various bands and had the pleasure of touring Africa, Europe  and the United States playing. From 2010 to 2016 I served in the United States Army as a musician. I have also guided on Africa's second highest mountain, Mt. Kenya. And I Love to travel. My first trip was to Pakistan at the age of 9. I have also been to Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Holland, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and now I currently reside in the United States. I hope that I can keep traveling. So my story is vast and varied.

Video had always been an interest but I never thought I was good enough till Stephanie pushed me to do videos for my church and that just lit a fuse that has been burning to this day. I still play down my abilities as a story teller but I have grown from strength to strength.

In my free time you will find me doing crossfit, Listening to and/or playing jazz, or smoking a fine cigar.

I harbor ambitions of climbing Mt. Everest. Seriously. The high peaks are a special place for me.


Do you have a story you want to tell? Do you want your community to know something about you? Let us help you craft your story and make it the most effective and far reaching story it can be. Below are some examples of works we undertake here at Ni Sisi Media.

Your wedding took time and effort to put together. You want to remember it for the special memory that it is. You want to share your special day with your community. Let's partner up and make that possible!

Whether you have information to share internally within your organization or you have a product or service you want to to let your community know about. Ni Sisi Media is equipped to help you do just that.

Ni Sisi Media has years of experience in the fast paced news industry. Event coverage is very time sensitive. Let us help you cover your event and do so in a professional, cinematic, and timely manner.

The advent of aerial imaging technology has come with it's freedoms and unique perspectives. But also be aware of the legislation behind it. If you need a licnsed aerial drone pilot so as to cover your legal bases Ni Sisi Media can deffinitely provide that.

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