Happy Birthday

August 1, 2018


That’s the sun rising over the horizon as we fly over the Atlantic Ocean coming back from a trip to Dubai last year. Needless to say the picture doesn’t do it justice. Like the sun rising over the horizon today is the dawn of a new day. Happy birthday Ni Sisi Media!


There comes a defining time when the pull to get out and soar overcomes the caution. It’s not that the unknown is any less scary. It’s just that that adventure calls so loudly.

That’s what has happened today. August 1 2018 Ni Sisi Media has officially made it known to the world that we are open for business.

Today we register our intent to be a contributing part of the community. Now we can’t back track on our word because our title says it all. Ni Sisi. It’s us. We did it!

We would like to come a long side you and help you tell your story. What are you passionate about? Let’s sit and share ideas. Coffee’s on me :) 

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