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Going After It!

Proud beyond measure right now to present this series that we’ve been working on with the folks at #ThreeKingsAthletics. #InspireUS is a series that will explore the idea of challenge and how it helps us grow. This installment features Jaycee and Mady, 2 young girls who are thriving in what some wouldn’t be wrong in considering as a male dominated sport. Weight lifting. The future is very bright for these young ladies not just because they are talented but because they put in the work! If they can be so focused at such a young age no one else has an excuse. Production on this piece took about 2 months. The planning or pre-production phase was spent learning the training routine of the girls. I initially had an interview session with them where I was able to obtain most of the information I needed to craft the story. The coaches were a big help because they really were able to drill down in to the technical aspects of what it really took for the girls to perform at the level they are. Then came the writing where I had to log all the interviews and write a paper edit (better known as a script) to bring the whole story together. After that shooting was easy because I knew exactly what elements I needed to shoot. The process of story telling is convoluted. There is no right or wrong way to tell a story. Sure there are conventions but it honestly boils down to how it feels. Before I geek out too much about how this whole process went let me let you see the final product. Check out #ThreeKingsAthletics #InspireUS here https://youtu.be/wFzd_6LDgcI Please like/subscribe and share. Let’s start a conversation on the social media of your choice at the hash tag #InspireUS about the challenges that you’ve faced and how they’ve helped you grow. And keep it tuned for the next story. Keep inspired.