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Help Mark Sell Cars!!!

The past 4 days have been a whirlwind of activity. On one end of the spectrum there are those blockbusters that take years to put together. From pre production to post, and all the people involved it is one huge monumental task. Then the other end of the spectrum is where I lived this past week. I got a call to attend a meeting on Monday at a local business. Typically at such meetings I like to get an understanding of the clients ideas and advise them on a way foreword. I then go home and write a proposal and detail the road ahead with key land marks that would then lead us to their desired release date. Ideas were thrown around at the meeting and it was determined that a video was needed by, at the very latest the end of the week to catch the Labor Day weekend. Giving me a grand total of 2-3 days to complete. Kungu won’t back down from a challenge so I accepted. Tuesday was a pre production day with script writing and creating a shot list. By Tuesday evening I had a 7 minute long assembly edit of the project down. To my dismay I found that I had not recorded audio on a pivotal shot. Panic started to set in because my shooting window was fast closing not just because of the deadline but because of a storm prediction that was forecast for Wednesday. Since I had already shot everything in sunny weather storms wouldn’t particularly help with the continuity of the story. Any ways I went ahead and rescheduled with my client and thank the heavens (literally) Wednesday turned out to be sunny. So I re-shot and by end of Wednesday I had a project completed. To say that I have learned a lot is an understatement. I am rearing to go on the next project. On the next one I will be a lot wiser! Any ways check it out on facebook. Here’s a link. https://www.facebook.com/726818328/posts/10156514403738329/