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What’s Your Excuse?

So here we go again on the second installment of the #InspireUS series. I just got done shooting an interview. The picture shows my process for, well, processing interviews. The goal of this is to have a video to refer to so I can log and eventually write a script. Video is a visual medium but it all begins with the written word. I don’t like to write. But writing is such a powerful means of shaping and directing a story. Enough so that I have forced myself to enjoy the process. 

So what’s happening here is that I have synced the picture and audio because I used 2 different capture methods to capture sound and picture. This just provides for a much higher quality product. After syncing I bring the materials in to my editor of choice #AdobePremierProCC. Here I build out a sequence. In this example I have a 2 camera interview. One for the wide (2 up) shot and one for the singles (close ups). I have the sequence built up so I have all the media synced in a timeline. Then I put 2 adjustment layers on which I will affix an instance of the time code generator effect in Premier. That will actually show up on the video. Since the time code generators are referencing the time code on the original video I will have that to use when I reference video during the edit. 

Long story short this is a time consuming process but come edit time I will be able to move much faster. The benefit here is also that if I have the opportunity to work on a team we can all use the same information as far as time and clip reference making for a much more efficient process. 

As always stay tuned for this inspiring story. I’m getting the shivers just thinking about it. See you in the next one!